About Us

A unique concept of an interactive restaurant in Kaliningrad. Dinner for 10 people in the open kitchen, where the chefs prepare a tasting menu with signature dishes in front of the guests, accompanied by gastronomic stories about food.


Widely popular in Europe and the USA, the "chef's table" format is now available in Kaliningrad at the Dolce Vita restaurant. 10 seats at the table in the open kitchen with live interaction of the chef while cooking with interesting gastronomic stories and conversations, as well as stories about the ingredients.


The cook, the kitchen, the process, the table and you.

Our chef develops a special tasting set menu and personally serves dishes. And for you it will become a real gastronomic adventure. You will see the heart of the restaurant - the cuisine, and even take part in the cooking process yourself.


This is a great occasion for the chef to tell his gastronomic story, and a great opportunity for guests to see what is hidden behind the prepared dish.


The menu for the Chef Table is constantly changing, our chef experiments with ingredients, uses complex cooking techniques and implements his most gastronomic ideas in order to present you with a new experience. You will be able to taste dishes on our Chef's Table, which may never be on the main menu of the restaurant.

FEATURED Elena Kuptsova For me, this is an opportunity for experimentation, where our team can play with cooking. And most importantly, not only focus on the result, but also completely surrender to the process, even slow it down, so that we can tell us your story, and you become a part of the process. RESTAURANT CHEF DOLCE VITA shefstable FEATURED Marina Ageeva Food is the philosophy of our whole life and we are happy to share with you what is hidden behind the dish on the plate and tell you about the cooking process, the history of culinary and restaurant business. FOUNDER OF DOLCE VITA RESTAURANT